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Countless number of blogs, facebook pages, and twitter accounts-Pages like ‘The Bold Breed’, ‘Daily Muslim Wisdom’ etc attracted only a handful readers. All I created for sharing my thoughts and Ideas of Islamic Renaissance. I clearly don’t know what people thought after reading it. But all I know was that it was a disaster- a mere waste of cyber space and reserved web addresses. I was frustrated about the fact that there wasn’t anybody to simply comment and give a pat on my back. Only solution was: Quit Blogging.
It was a bright Sunday morning. Sun was bright and the sky clear. This was the first Sunday after I moved into a new room for peace of mind from unwanted intruders. I got out of my room just to be amazed by nearly a hundred pigeons on terrace parapet walls, dish antennas, water tanks, cloth lines, roofs and on electric lines- both on mine as well as my neighbors’. They were all still and rarely flew about. ‘I got company’- I thought. I remembered one of Khushwant Singh’s stories I read in school, titled My Grandmother. In it he illustrates his real life grandmother’s simple yet devoted life of love and affection. She was regularly visited by scores of pigeons for whom she spent a good deal of grains and bread crumbs in her house. And one day she died. Birds came as usual, but they stood still. Feeling sorry for them, Singh’s mother offered them bread. But none of them bothered to look at it. They stood still for some time and later flew away. Next day, his mother swept all the bread crumbs into the waste.
I too came out with bits of bread crumbs and scattered it on the terrace and waited behind the walls to see them eating. My plan was to add bread as they eat and ultimately befriend them. But not a single bird bothered to look at it even though it was tossed at their feet. As it was for blogging, failing to attract followers, I quit.
After a while I rushed up again hearing a loud commotion of flapping wings. There was a movement in the area and all the birds gathered on the terrace of my neighbors’ house. I saw a middle aged lady feeding them from a bucket of wheat grains as she relaxed on a chair. I felt jealous. I watched her doing it for a long time. Just like Singh’s grandma, she was very generous. And the stillness I observed while tossing bread was actually their waiting for her. And when she was done with it, they all flew away. In the evening I had to clean up the bread myself.
This little incident struck my chord. I reviewed my strategies. And found that even though I did all blogging for Allah’s pleasure, I wasn’t the right way to attract masses into it. May be I felt more satisfaction in the likings and comments instead of the quality of the article. I was taking short cuts. Preparing a few articles and expecting thousands to view it. ‘Wasn’t that a bit over-estimation?’- I thought. Only quality blogs receive recognition and followers.
The bread I gave to pigeons was not much. And I was simply expecting hundreds to come and have it, and plus to love their feeder. I was wrong. I was expecting returns more than investments. This was a game of love. I was wrong.
Next day I opened full bread and kept it on the terrace and I didn’t peep through the windows. I gave them with full contentment. Later that day, nothing remained except the bread cover.
Pigeons’ lesson of blogging was to do it with sincerity. Be sincere about the objective to get your message across the internet, have more quality content and expect less return. Then you would be a successful blogger, and naturally masses would flow into it and follow as you make your say.

Salam. As this is a new blog, I’ve just started brainstorming for new thoughts and ideas.I’ll be posting in a few days. keep coming back. Subscribe/ Follow this blog, so that you get notified when new posts are put up. Good day to you. 🙂

Alhamdulillah. My article regarding Riba (Interest/usuary) is published in Productive Muslim. Thanks to you ProMuslims.

Been to college in the morning, just to know that there was a mass bunk. Returned home. Silence on the streets. In the evening, went to the park for basketball. No crowds as usual. Went to the mosque. Empty. Not even the old men who would chat outside. Seats vacant. coffee shops empty, otherwise thriving with youngsters. I was served dinner alone in the hotel. Even the cooks vanished. On return to the room,met my neighbor’s little son, and he asked me “whats the score? whom do u support? India or Pakistan?”

what score? whose score? and whose support? Said to myself. “Sorry, I don’t know.I don’t watch cricket!”, i told him. And he left with a sigh.

For long, i was feeling that I wasn’t being like others. I was being asked the same question many times today. And I replied with the same answer. And i got the same reaction. An Alim comes to teach my neighbor’s kids Quran and hadees. While I was leaving for Isha, he along with my owner, who used to be in the mosque even before Adan, was still in front of TV. I don’t understand, what makes people blind.I feel strange how people take this on their head. May be because, we’ve found something more important than our Deen and someone more lovable than our prophet.

Do I look like a “stranger” when I say this open?

Then for that I say ‘Alhamdulillah’. Because prophet (s) told his sahaba one day: ” Islam appeared as something strange, and It’ll return as Strange!”.

Dear Reader, I am looking for strangers.Are you one?