You all would have come across IPH books, and also the MIF books. Look at DC Books and other non-Islamic bookstores. Look at the Penguin, oxford, Bloomsbury, and Bible Society of India books. Take it off the shelf and look at it. Not for the content-but the quality and crispness. Look at the advancements, color and graphics. Touch their cover pages and you feel like reading it.And for us, when we go to the ISA bookstores, see what’s available there? Books printed decades ago with less or no color, quality or attraction.

Now let’s be open and fair about it.

See how many novels and books on some silly thing or biographies of some silly person are hitting the bookstores everyday? Magazines of fashion, women, celebrities, design, cars and automobiles, cinema,nudity are all catching the visitors’ attention in stores. They are making investment to make the trash superior. But we’re not making any investment to make the treasure better than the trash. Why is Islamic Sahithya Academy (ISA) still 30 years behind? Why don’t we make some investments in it? Why don’t we look out for good writers and editors? Bring in some trendy graphic designers, quality papers, state of the art machines and make some good quality prints? Why are we reluctant to translate books from Arabic, English and Urdu to Malayalam? Where are the books of great Sufi scholars and poets? They’ve done their part of the job. But those works are all buried somewhere. Only those who dig for might find it. If we don’t do it now, we’ll not do it for another 40 years. Books are moving to e-books and e-readers. How many of us have ever thought about it?

Wasn’t this what prophet said when he advised us to look for knowledge even in china? Why he said china-and not any other land? One is probably that china is too far. But other reason is that china was the land of technology and innovation in those days. And is even now. Islam is for the heart and soul, and Technology for the brain.

We need changes in our system. This doesn’t mean that its corrupt or disintegrating. Ahlu-ssunna is the treasure and it wouldn’t ever corrupt. But we need to make efforts in projecting this treasure. If we fail, what projects out will be those trashes.